Friday, April 6, 2007


We are looking for this male puppy (approx. 6 weeks old) that was stolen from the shelter we believe on Monday April 2nd (will confirm). This puppy was in the shelter's kitchen in quarantine, because it was thought to have been exposed to a potentially life-threatening virus (Parvovirus). Prior to realizing the puppy was stolen, 2 teenage girls were observed in the shelter looking around (it's not unusual to have visitors). Shortly thereafter, a tan colored car (Taurus-type???) was observed speeding off- presumably with the puppy. PLEASE help us find who stole this puppy so we can get him back in quarantine. IF he had in fact been exposed to Parvo, he can be extremely contagious to other puppies and un-vaccinated dogs. One of the puppies that was previously at the shelter has already died from this tragic virus. We do NOT want to spread this awful virus- so please return this puppy ASAP or call the shelter at 870-739-5412 (ask for Carolyn) if you know where he is. Thanks for your cooperation!

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