Monday, April 16, 2007


HOPE is in a desperate situation. She went to the vet today and has received some bad news. She was apparently run over by a car and has basically fractured her pelvis in several places. Hope did not break her legs (thankfully), but her right hind leg has suffered some muscle and nerve damage. The vet said that her pelvis may heal with 5-6 weeks of cage rest (i.e., only let her out for potty breaks and of course some lovin'). She will then have to be re-evaluated. Hope is able to walk, but her back leg is very stiff. She can use the restroom on her own, but may need some assistance with hygiene at times (frankly, because she has difficulty squatting properly) and may occasionally get constipated. We need a FOSTER HOME IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, she is at serious risk of having to be put to sleep. The shelter does not have the funds to treat her properly, so it is up to you (or anyone you know) to sponsor her. Without sponsorship money and a foster home, she does not have a very good chance. PLEASE help her- she has managed so far (the injury apparently is not very new) and really needs a doggy angel. WILL YOU BE HER DOGGY ANGEL? IMMEDIATE RESPONSE IS NEEDED.

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