Wednesday, March 17, 2010


As many of you know, Lonnie and Lindy were on borrowed time. Thanks to a wonderful person (M.K.- we can't say enough about you), they have a new lease on life. Here are some pictures from their "rescue trip" a few weeks ago.

A special thanks to Jennifer and John for fostering these two for the past year when no one else would. Another big thanks to Janice for meeting with our volunteer, Allison, in Little Rock to help with transport (we couldn't do it without people like you). Beth, you have gone above and beyond many many times to help us and we love you for it! Lastly, we want to thank Nancy for the financial support (and emotional) that ultimately saved their lives (again....).

Lonnie and Lindy are doing absolutely fabulous (see pics below- taken via cell phone so they are not the greatest quality, but you get the idea). These"couch pictures" were taken last week. We are happy to report that they are getting along great together.

Lonnie started heartworm treatment this week. Lindy still needs some funding in order for her to start treatment, but we are hoping that will come in due time (for now they are focusing on obedience training, etc.). Below is an update from today:

":D lonnie is doing great, i saw him today but he get's too excited when he sees me (so sweeeeet) so i will call tomorrow to check on him...he should be at vet's approx a week then here for the next 30 days...prayers for this sweet boy

lindy is doing awesome, we have worked on her food aggression, she is being free fed (and spoiled, can't help it - she's a total love) and she is doing really well...she has an infection in her toenail so we have her on antibiotics and she's hanging out, we went to the river yesterday...i am hoping to get her swimming within a month :D

Just a reminder of what IS possible!

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