Friday, March 5, 2010


Oxford and Scout are two very sweet hound dogs who have been looking for their forever homes for way too long. Both are very lucky dogs as they are being cared for by our good rescue friend, Bobbie of Silverwalk Beagle & Hound Sanctuary. Hounds can make wonderful family dogs -- loyal, loving, people oriented -please take a second look at these two and consider making them a part of your family!

Here is the latest on Oxford & Scout:

Oxford AKA Oscar gets along w/everyone. He is so comical - if the water bowl is empty, he will put his paw in it and make it rattle so I know to FILL IT! :). Should he be hungry before I feed, he won't bark - he will simply lift himself onto the armrest of my recliner and stare, wagging his tail furiously. Somehow, I always wake up :). He is just such an awesome dog, very much a house dog, has no issues w/any other dogs - just walks away if someone is "owly," prefers not to be in a crate but goes in when necessary for me. He LOVES his walks; in fact, we have trouble getting him home and back in the yard! More walk, he says, more walk and let me be w/my people!!! I simply cannot say enough about this little guy and I reiterate if I could adopt another dog, I would keep Oxford myself...:).

Oxford is estimated to be 6-8 years old. His skin issues turned out to be a yeast infection which has been treated with medicated shampoo. This is a very nice family dog - please consider adopting him!

Scout has become a well-adjusted boy. He knows a few commands to boot - such as "sit" and "down." At the sanctuary he enjoys indoor living with a doggie door to the fenced in yard.
He will never make a good hunting dog though as he is scared of loud noises and prefers the couch and watching TV to the great outdoors.

Scout is now ready for his forever home - preferrably one that loves the sound of a hound baying at the moon:)

Scout's ideal home will have a securely fenced in yard and be on the quiet side. Scout loves to go for walks (on leash) - but is also happy hanging out in the home with his human companions.

Thank you Bobbie for all of the help you give to our hounds and to others in need!

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