Friday, December 7, 2007


Imagine that- another Christmas present on our doorstep. Look at this trio! Who on earth would give these sweeties up! Laurie, Lisa, and Lenny are about 6 weeks old and desperately need to find a foster home. There is NO ROOM for them at the shelter. If you can foster them, please call Joan immediately at 870-739-1145! Please- if you have puppies or know someone that does, keep them safe in your home while you try to find homes for them. Shelters are the absolute WORST places for puppies to end up. They get exposed to illnesses and many aren't even old enough to be weaned from their mothers.

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Nate said...

I am looking to adopt a little puppy for my fiancee for christmas. She would love the little white one. We have very little money this year so this will be her only christmas present. So if you can help me out in adding this adorable puppy to our family, let me know. Thanks in advance and have a blessed day!