Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Ricky Lee was one of our long term residents. He was not a very "handsome" dog, nor was he well socialized. A few shelter visitors told us that he should be euthanized - but we held out hope that a special family would see his inner beauty and potential.

Ricky Lee needed a miracle - and he got one, thanks to rescue. Ricky Lee is now living in Maine with his "sister" Heidi. Here is an update from his new family:

Ricky Lee is the sweetest, happiest, most grateful animal I have ever met. Ever. He is gaining weight, his tail is all grown in (he had a bare spot on the end), and his fur has fallen out and grown in with pretty cinnamon tones on the white. Every time someone tells us what a 'pretty' dog he is, my husband and I laugh out loud, because we found him so ugly when we first got him.

He knows his name, he is thrilled to come running when you call, he sits for treats,
lays down on his bed, and loves his toys. He gives the best kisses and has finally
figured out that it's perfectly safe to roll over and let someone scratch his belly.

Every single time I look at him and imagine him being put down, it brings tears to my eyes. He has brought so much joy to our house, he's like having a silly little kid who has never been to Disney World, and you're the one who gets to take him on vacation. He greats every day like the absolute best day of his life

Thank you Collins family for letting Ricky Lee shine! You give hope to all of our diamonds in the rough.

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