Monday, October 12, 2009


Although we always try to find indoor foster homes for our rescue dogs, as we feel strongly that dogs belong inside the home as part of the family - there are many times where we have more dogs than available foster homes. In this instance, we have no choice but to house some of our pups outside temporarily until an indoor foster home opens up.

Winter is on its way at a rapid pace, and we are trying to prepare for the emergency intakes that come to us on a daily basis. We are in urgent need of quality dog houses right now - at least five - in order to keep our rescues warm and dry while they are in limbo.

We prefer the Petmate Igloo style dog houses but would also be happy to have a few lightweight insulated models.

Our goal is to raise $500 towards dog houses - estimating 5 dog houses at $100 each. We would greatly appreciate either financial donations towards this goal, or physical donations of dog houses in new/good condition.

If you would like to donate a dog house to keep our rescued pups warm and dry, please call Lisa at 901-826-0292 or email - or sponsor a dog house through the chipin fundraiser.

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