Thursday, July 3, 2008


We couldn't be more pleased with Meadow's new life! Jasmine is her new name! She has been adopted by a wonderful family from Jonesboro, Arkansas (about an hour from Marion). Jasmine has a new playmate, Harley, who is not much older than she. Jasmine's sisters are now in the New England area, so hopefully we will hear updates regarding their adoptions soon. This is what Jasmine's new owners had to say:

"Just thought I would send you some pictures and an update. They are doing great. She is opening up and he is learning to share. I was worried about his rough play. But she is holding her own in the rough play now. They are funny watching them wrestle in the back yard, but they are having a blast. She went out all by herself Saturday morning through the doggie door and used the bathroom outside... Harley started out bringing her rope and dropping it at her feet. When she would pick it up he would grab the other end to play tug-a-war. Now they do it all the time...There still is a little jealousy with Harley over petting, but he will get over it. I try to make sure and pay them both attention at the same time as you will see in the picture. I think the is going to work out great for everyone."

Thanks so much for giving Meadow (aka Jasmine) such a wonderful life!

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