Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ok...we are astounded once again by the generosity of a complete stranger. Well actually she is no longer a stranger to us... her name is Nancy. Let us explain... Nancy is one of the best Doggy Angels we have ever had. Just about every month, Nancy sponsors at least 4-6 dogs, most of whom are heartworm positive and/or are harder to place (e.g., the black dogs, those with medical issues, etc.). If not for Nancy, some of those dogs would not have a chance. Amongst ourselves (the volunteers), we have had many conversations that begin with "What are we going to and so has heartworms and there's no money left, etc...". We feel hopeless...and then comes Nancy...again. It's like she hears us talking! She has come through even in the most dismal of times. A simple thank you, just doesn't seem to do it. Nevertheless, we love you Nancy and we thank you sincerely for everything you have done for our sweet pups!

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