Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Precious is doing fabulous in Massachussets! Yes, this is the dog that had hardly any hair when she was rescued back in the summer. This is what her new owners wrote: "Geoff and I (Karen) have realized that Precious has gotten to be too much a part of the family to let her go so we decided that we will adopt her!" Precious not only has a wonderful new human family, she also has 2 new canine siblings, Lilah and SnowBear.

The family writes, "We knew that Lilah enjoyed playing with Precious but 5 or 6 people have asked Geoff if she and Lilah are litter-mates. Their faces are almost identical and they're pretty close in size. It just seemed like they belonged together. We had planned to let our daughters work with a trainer at some point to get Lilah trained as a therapy dog . We think that Precious has that potential too so we figured if two girls are going to training they can each have a dog to work with. Both dogs have begun intermediate obedience training as a step along that path. "

Thanks for all your love and guidance Geoff, Karen, and family!

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