Saturday, February 9, 2008


Oh boy...someone really needs to help this sweet boy. Bob is a Lab-mix (about 3 years old) who has suffered at the hands of his previous owner. Bob was injured very badly one day (he nearly cut his tail off completely and had a deep laceration/cut on his left thigh). Rather than taking Bob to the vet (as any responsible pet owner would do), Bob's previous owner decided to cut his tail off on his own and sew up his laceration with fishing line. Can you imagine what Bob had to go through... Anyway, thanks to Carolyn (Marion Animal Control Officer), Bob finally was able to receive the medical care he deserved. Carolyn took Bob to the vet's office, where he underwent surgery to fix both wounds. He was also neutered and received heartworm treatment (yes...another dog with heartworms). Anyway, Bob is now ready to find his forever home! He desperately needs to receive the love and affection of a real home (indoor homes only). Sponsorship funds would be wonderful too as Bob's vet bill is quite large.

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